Team GDR: Going strong since 1999.

I've worked hard to build a group that I'd want to be a part of. Something more than just a clan, a family.

GDR General Jackal

Team GDR was originally founded in 1999 as an internet gaming clan of players brought together by a love of Sierra's hit game, Starsiege:Tribes.

Within a few short months the ranks of the Großdesutchland Regiment (or GDR for short) had swelled, numbering 60+ in 5 countries during its peak in 2000/2001.

Most of the GDR's Hall of Fame members joined the unit during this period, and include such famed members as John 'Skorzeny' Iaria and Dan 'Beast' Nicholson.

Eventually rebranded as "Team GDR" and now referred to as "Gaming Done Right," clan members game and play paintball or airsoft. On the paintball field, the team acts as a special forces squad that rountinely conducts difficult missions for our side with daring and tenacity that have won us multiple most valuable squad awards at Florida events. On the gaming side, members play many different games across all genres!

How we fight.

On the paintball field, Team GDR specializes in long-range recon (LRRP) missions, ambush tactics, hit-and-run raids, antitank operations and critical objective defense. In keeping with the nature of our operations, we model our kit on the US Army Special Forces and CIA special operators, with our uniform usually consisting of army brown tshirts and ACU pants.

On paper, Team GDR is closely organized along the lines of a US Army Special Forces 'A' Team in the field, which means that we typically go into scenario games with a leadership element, heavy weapons specialists (snipers, AT rockets or mortars), medical specialists, communications specialists (radio operators) and pioniere (engineer/demolitions) specialists. This gives us total flexibility to dominate each and every situation we may encounter on the paintball battlefield, both in urban and open field terrain.

Although the GDR is not currently at full strength, our ultimate goal is to be able to field a team of 24+ members for major events with enough backups and/or associate members to fill gaps. Our planned team 'paper' organization appears like this:

Although our organization plan appears rigid, anything can be changed at a moment's notice to ensure that we have the proper tools for the mission, such as using extra weapons specialists acting as snipers instead of using members in the pionier role.

For most situations, the GDR moves and fights as a single large squad, which gives us a powerful size advantage when acting alone or working with other teams on long-range patrols, recon missions or in ambush situations. When required, however, we have the organization, equipment and training to effectively operate in two or more seperate elements while still maintaining communications and overall cohesion. Snipers, however, are special members of the team and usually always act independently of the main team so that they can stealthily gather intel, monitor enemy movement and support the main team from a distance in hidden locations. Regardless of position or rank though, every member of the team is familliar with what the current mission is, so that even if the leadership is eliminated, team members can still carry out the mission.

Take the plunge and join the best!

Think this might be the group for you? Use the form below to email us or ask questions. Alternatively, you can talk to us on Teamspeak:

Recruitment Status

Currently, our recruitment status for our paintball and gaming elements are as follows:

  • Gaming Clan recruiting is OPEN.
  • Paintball Team recruiting is CLOSED.

***Please note: Although paintball recruiting is formally closed, we are always accepting new applications on a first-come, first-serve basis.***

Official Teamspeak Server (live)

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Game Servers

Team GDR does not currently host any game servers.
Check back for updated server info.